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Jiangsu Guoyang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Raw Material

We have more than 7 years of production experience in PV inductry, we also provide the optimized and the most cost-effective raw materials of PV module for overseas factories ,including the overall technical service and packaging services.

With over than 10 years manufacturing experience in solar panel,we provide optimized solutions for raw material components and packing service.

We offer main 5BB poly&mono solar cell for the market,and 4BB,3BB poly &mono cell can be offered under customer requirement. Meanwhile, specific cells can be customized for customers as well.

.First EVA. as global yearly shipments number one brand, Excellent performance of this film can help panel go through the anti-PID TEST under 85℃,RH85%,1000Vdc,96h.conditions.meanwhile,F406P&F806PEVA also get the long Weather-shield ability and high transmittance.

Backsheet, one kind material on the back of the photovoltaic module,as a significant component of the panel ,which leads as a insulation part between external environment and related material inside the panel like solar cell ,EVA Due to the excellent performance in insulation, barrier and heat resistance.It guarantee a long-term reliable protection for solar panel in harsh outdoor environments

We provide High transmittance ultra white tempered solar glass for normal solar panel and double glass solar panel,the thickness of the glass is like :4mm,3,2mm,2.5mm,2mm.and the size of glass within 2000m*1000mm can be customized . Nano- coating on the glass can improve the transmittance by 2.5% meanwhile, unique design for anti-fouling waterproof film layer on the glass surface makes it clean easily.

Axle welding rod is suitable for automatic welding machine,the welding rod is usually used for welding the main busbar on each cell ,and connect from one cell to another to transmit current generated from solar.

We provide aluminum alloy frame to meet different size , thickness ,colour requirement of solar panel.

According to our rich experience in solar panel manufacturing , we use different size and type junction box for solar panel from 5watts to 350 watts,meanwhile,Split-type junction box,Ultrathin junction box can be provided as well.
In addition,the cable length,cable diameter,dioded inside the box can be customized for customers as well.