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Jiangsu Guoyang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.


We have more than 7 years of production experience in PV inductry, we also provide the optimized and the most cost-effective raw materials of PV module for overseas factories ,including the overall technical service and packaging services.

For the users who need the portable solar module, folding solar module is optimal solutions to provide power.

We provide the main qualified high efficient cell.

We offer the solution of solar system from 1KW -5KW including solar module, mounting brackets and inverter.

We provide 3 types of DC off-grid system, and also provide a full set of DC electrical products, after removed the inverter from the system, the stability of our DC systems are the best.

We provide the on-grid and off-grid system accessories such as: MC4 connector, couplings, aviation plugs, wires, a bracket, a lightning rod, waterproof junction box and soon.

For supporting the DC solar power system, we provide a full range of DC electric appliance product (e.g.. Lamp, fan, TV, Coffee kettle, microwave oven), and single sale is going on.