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Jiangsu Guoyang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.


Gsun Power launches a new generation of ultra efficient photovoltaic modules

Gsun Power focuses on value creation and in the winter of 2020 launches a new generation of high efficiency PV modules.

The new product integrates 182mm large-size silicon wafer and perc, multi bus, half battery, double-sided technology and high-density packaging. Technology integration, so that the new product to improve the efficiency of the module as high as 21.1%, the maximum power output of 540W.

Reliability upgrade of new products,compared with larger module products, the new product have a number of outstanding characteristics, such as a lower working current and power loss, a lower temperature coefficient, high low irradiance performance, high power output and low hot spot effects.

Moreover, it provides for two installation methods according to field conditions: by rails and clamps. In both cases, the new product modules are qualified for 5400Pa static load on the frontside even when there is no cross-beam support on the back.

The new product has the characteristics of high-density packaging, 0.5mm distance between cells, class a fire resistance, anti-PID, superior stability and durability, lower internal loss and the risk of micro-cracking due to multi-busbar cells. Dual glass structure reduces micro-cracks, snail trails, and UV aging,significantly lower LCOE and more BoS savings.

As a new photovoltaic energy enterprise, driven by innovative products. Gsun Power will join hands with partners to continue to explore more new photovoltaic module application scenarios, promote the high-quality development of green energy, and make the development of green energy benefit more people.