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210 x 210 cell solar module will become mainstream product

Many solar cell company start to produce 210 x 210 mm solar cell,

Before 2017. the solar cell production line can produce the solar cell lesss than 158.75 x 158.75mm; From 2017 to 2019, the solar cell production line can produce the solar cell size less than 166 x 166mm. In 2020, the new solar cell production line can produce solar cell size 210 x 210mm.

With the improvement of technology, the solar cell conversion efficiency is expected to reach more than 24%, and the corresponding component design optimization, load capacity improvement and advancement in downstream installation methods will continue to increase the power of the components.

High-power solar modules are based on multi-bus grid technology, adopt low-voltage, high-current design, and adopt advanced technical solutions such as non-destructive cutting and high-density packaging to significantly improve the performance of anti-cracking and hot spot resistance, and further reduce the system cost of components And the cost of electricity.

At the same time, because of the unique process, high power is ensured on the one hand, and the series resistance is appropriately increased to improve the low radiation performance. 

The large components adopt the traditional short-side vertical two-layer stacking packaging method, and the utilization rate of standard containers is further improved relative to that of large components, delivering a more economical logistics solution for the terminal.