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Jiangsu Guoyang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.


14th Five-Year Plan Coming ,GSUN POWER Initiate New Prospects

2021 is the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan,and also a significant starting point for photovoltaic power generation to achieve full non-subsidized and affordable Internet access. A huge market with big potential and wide prospect for photovoltaics and wind power is around the corner.

To comply with current situation, GSUN POWER will realease a new generation of ultra-efficient photovoltaic modules, especially for large, ultra-large photovoltaic power stations, with more power, more reliability and lower cost.Further more, higher power inverter products is approaching.

GSUN POWER will always delve deeply into high-quality products and step up to help the global "carbon-in-peace" goal to achieve the early start of a new journey.