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Qingming is coming, Fire warning for PV power station

Qingming Festival is coming soon, a traditional tomb-sweeping day for Chinese people.But for photovoltaic power plants, it is a fire hazard.

Photovoltaic power plants near mountains and forests where the grave is located are very dangerous.45 fires about photovoltaic power plants broke out in last 3 years.

Photovoltaic power plant photovoltaic array area, box change, inverter, convection box, cable, components, etc. are high-risk areas of fire, its own electrical equipment failure is prone to fire. Messy trees with spring winds, once a fire is burning,then all be done.

Therefore, to prepare against for spring fire,GSUN POWER reminded to hurry up to check the power station and make it clean. No weeds,no combustibles,no fire.